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Taadi producer GonBlaze out with new cypher “Takoradi Anthem”



Taadi’s record producer, GonBlaze Beatz, has added another cypher unit to the handful count of the recent few cuts that hit the metropolis and he said his wouldn’t be the final in the year as he hopes more Taadi producers join the series train to push up the counting.

When GonBlaze broadcast the artwork of his “Takoradi Anthem” on social media sometime in August, it created a huge anticipation as there’s a recent high national crave for Fante rap units. The artistes laid on the artwork have already earned their due familiarity with the metropolis, so they have a fast growing fan base each.

The 10 rappers hatched on the track in this voicing order, GonBlaze made a clever arrangement of the artiste — giving the fan an intriguing listening.


Kwesi Flame
Gasty Dhope
Nii Kotei
Grossy Swish
Majesti Rapper
FSB Obey

All the 10 artistes are from Taadi (Takoradi).

Audio LINK:


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