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“Appietus Accused of Illegally Selling and Receiving Royalties from 5Five’s Song ‘Muje Baya’!”


For most hitmakers and their protégés, disagreements over finances and gratitude have been the cause of several disputes. This has been especially true for Apietus, the legendary sound engineer, and Papi and Bullgod of 5five Music.

The feud between these industry titans surfaced during their interview on Sammyflex TV, during which Papi accused Appietus of selling their songs on digital platforms without their permission. This song, titled “Muje Baya”, had achieved success due largely to the sound engineering and beatboxing by Appietus.

It has been revealed that when the song was released, Bulldog, the manager of the music duo, arranged for barter trade with Appietus. However, since then, the terms and conditions of the deal have become increasingly unfavorable for the sound engineer.

Papi was vocal in his claims that Appietus had been stealing their money by receiving royalties off their songs without them seeing a penny throughout the 10-year span in which the songs have been streaming.

After Appietus joined the conversation on phone, he narrated his own side of the issue but it resulted in insulting each other right on set.

The two promised to meet in court to settle this feud between them, anything else we have on the issue, we promised not to hinder it from you. Kindly stay tuned.

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