Changing Someone’s Situation Doesn’t Require Much – John Dumelo


Ghanaian movie personality John Dumelo has posited that the little things we do for our loved ones can make a big difference in their lives.

According to the movie star, sometimes making a difference in once life is not always about doing something big; just the little things like calling to find out the person’s wellbeing can make that difference.

His post read, “We all have problems, some big, some small. Sometimes the simple things can help someone to forget or even overcome the problems they are facing. [Even] a simple phone call [will do].”

“Hey, how are you”? I know you are going through a lot, but I just want you to know everything will be ok”…..Sometimes all the person needs is a phone call. Not money, not a house, not something physical, but a phone call with soothing words. Just a call,” he wrote.

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