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DNA Records – “For Da Street” – Feat. Kofi DC & Stunner Bizzle


DNA Records is thrilled to announce the release of their latest single, “For Da Street,” featuring two of the most talented up-and-coming artists in the game: Kofi DC and Stunner Bizzle.

With its infectious beat and unforgettable lyrics, “For Da Street” is sure to be a hit with fans of hip-hop and rap. Kofi DC and Stunner Bizzle bring their unique styles and perspectives to the track, creating a powerful and dynamic collaboration that will have listeners nodding their heads and singing along.

DNA Records has a long history of discovering and promoting new talent, and “For Da Street” is no exception. Kofi DC and Stunner Bizzle are both rising stars in the music industry, with a growing fanbase and a string of successful singles behind them.

The single was produced by DNA Records’ in-house production team, who worked closely with Kofi DC and Stunner Bizzle to bring their vision for the track to life. The result is a high-energy, streetwise anthem that is sure to become a staple of clubs and playlists around the world.

“We’re really excited about ‘For Da Street’,” says DNA Records CEO, Stunner Bizzle. “It’s a great example of what we do best – bringing together talented artists and giving them the platform they need to shine.”

“‘For Da Street’ is a real statement of intent for us,” says Stunner Bizzle. “We’re committed to working with the best new talent out there, and this track is just the beginning.”

“For Da Street” will soon be available now on all major streaming platforms. Don’t miss your chance to hear one of the hottest new tracks in hip-hop today.

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