Ghanaians don’t see your songs as wack when you become a mainstream act – Vviel

Saucy Recordz songstress Vviel,  popularly known for her hit single “Super Gurl” days ago posted on her official Facebook page that : “Once an up and coming artiste becomes a mainstream act, Ghanaians will always enjoy his or her songs even if its  wack”.

She also talked about how she takes inspiration from Nigerians Burna Boy musical journey.

Vviel wrote:  I have Burna Boy’s story in me. From a wack artiste straight to the Grammies.  Nobody believed in him but with determination and hard work, He made it.

She Added: The up and coming acts are more talented than the mainstream acts and even do good and sensible music compared to the stars but are always underated and that makes her so sad.

Check out Her post below:

Source: Justin Deodorant (UKcity Music)

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