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“Not God!” – says Fameye


Fameye’s Recent Facebook Post Raises Questions About His Beliefs

In a recent post on Ghanaian music artist Fameye’s Facebook wall, he made a statement that has left some fans puzzled and others concerned. The post read, “Not God,” which has sparked a lively debate among netizens about Fameye’s beliefs and intentions. Interestingly, Fameye has also preferred to be called “Peter” now.

While some fans have expressed disappointment and confusion over Fameye’s post, questioning the meaning behind his statement, others seem indifferent or unaffected by it. However, a significant portion of Fameye’s fan base eagerly awaits an explanation from the artist.

Netizens’ Reactions and Comments:

The post has triggered a range of responses from fans and followers, with various comments flooding in.

Fans comment on Fameye’s Post








These comments highlight the diversity of opinions and emotions stirred by Fameye’s enigmatic post. As fans eagerly await an explanation from the artist, it remains to be seen how Fameye, now known as Peter, will address the concerns raised by his followers.


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