Is Shasha Marley’s “Enemies Are Not Jah” Trailer Not A Lead To Mockery Scenes?

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If the single scene trailer to Shasha Marley’s “Enemies Are Not Jah” official video has hit your wildest curiosity right yet, then you too have grown some impatience for the subsequent scenes in the full video and you just can’t wait another week to have a complete watch time.

The 29 secs trailer is intriguing and theatrics with a subtle mystic display of solar therapy, showing a belly-up Shasha Marley rocking in a wooden hammock mounted in the middle of a country dirt road and under a widely smiling broad daylight.

Oops! The trailer’s preceding sight of a strolling lion and the sounds of chirping birds in the wild. Break those codes, Buddy.

Checked deeply, Shasha’s well-relaxed position in the rocking hammock is a light language mockery to the enemies the song talks about —- that no matter how stormy they are in approach, his MIGHTY JAH will calm them down with super EASE.

Lyrically, Shasha Marley built “Enemies Are Not Jah” on a warrior-motivation theme with utter faith in JAH’s ultimacy over all that there is in creation. That only JAH has the final say in every situation. So might have been depicted in the video too, just inferred.

Right out there is a deep-message trailer, so we all can’t be just teased! We WON’T miss the full blast release of the video at the tail of March.

WATCH the trailer HERE:

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