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Iwan Suhyini drops another mind-blowing melodious banger


Iwan Suhyini drops another mind-blowing melodious banger. Following the success of the single Colorado, the award-winning artist, who will be celebrating 5 years as the Youth Chief is set to release the most melodious album titled Rainbow.

Rainbow is a Symbol of Hope and Prosperity. According to Iwan Suhyini. The idea behind the album’s title is to send a message to the world to be hopeful for a better future in all aspects of life.

The Bible inspired the message using the sour slice of the Rainbow, with God revealing a sign to Mankind after the flood he describes. I’ve placed my rainbow in the clouds as a symbol of the covenant between me and the earth. I will remember my covenant with you and all living creatures of all kinds. Never again will the waters rise to the level of a flood, destroying all life.

The album’s entire purpose is to enlighten and inspire every soul. A rainbow is frequently associated with hope, beauty after the storm, a pot of gold, and good fortune at the end of the rainbow. For many people, a rainbow represents inclusivity and diversity, as well as an all-encompassing image of love and friendship and this is what the Album seeks to project.

With 15 tracks there are some featured artists such as Jay Rush, and Vaga Vybz from USA and Rwanda respectively. Addy Wyse and Queen Ethiopia represent Ghana on the album. This is an all-rounded Album involving Reggae, Dancehall, HipHop, and Afrobeats.

Check out Woso, a dancehall rhythm with lyrics that are fused in our local dialect. Woso means “Shake” in Akan, so enjoy the danceable tune.

Click on the Pre-Save Link as we await the Album on 2nd October 2022

Iwan Suhyini – Rainbow

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