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Kojo Antwi Has Husky Voice, Mine Is Silky And Smooth – Kwaisey Pee

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Highlife musician, Kwaisey Pee, has discredited claims that he has the same voice with the music maestro, Kojo Antwi.

The ‘Osugyani’ hitmaker who has been likened in terms of vocal tone and delivery to the music maestro- symbolic of him having passed through the hands of the latter indicated that though he has same dread locks resemblance with the Kojo Antwi yet their voices differ.

“People say our voices sound same, but I’ll say no, maybe the only resemblance is the dread locks, our voices differ, because Kojo has husky voice, and my voice is silky and smooth, so if you know the difference, you can tell.” Speaking to Ultimate FM, Mr. Seductive as many fans call him, stated that although he’s excited anytime he’s associated with the legend, he’s nonetheless not happy when Kojo Antwi sometimes takes his glory.

Kwaisey Pee also noted that “It’s sometimes sad, it hurts in a way that is the reason why from the beginning I said its a yes and no, at a point you feel OK because he’s a good guy, yeah I know he is taking the credit, that is the sad part. The good part is people comparing me to a good musician, he’s a good musician so it’s cool, but the sad part is he taking the credit. I remember when my first album came out, people went to shops saying they wanted Kojo Antwi’s latest song, meanwhile it wasn’t his latest.”

Sections of the public have alleged that Highlife greats, Kojo Antwi and Kwaisey Pee are not cool with each other but late last year (November, 2016) in an interview on Kasapa FM, Kojo Antwi claimed he has no beef with Kwaisey Pee, adding that the latter is more of a version of him.

Source: kasapafmonline.com

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