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Mama May – “Nea Yesu Aye” – (Full Gospel Album)


Introducing Mama May, a Ghanaian Gospel musician who has been dedicated to spreading the message of faith through her music for almost two decades. Hailing from Techiman in the Bono East Region, Mama May is a talented and hardworking female artist who has touched many hearts with her soulful songs.

Mama May, also known as Mabel Adu Donyina, is a devoted member of “Nyame Tease” (Christian Builders Church), where she finds inspiration and strength for her music ministry. With a deep love for God and a passion for creating uplifting music, Mama May has released two albums in the past and is now proud to present her third album entitled “Nea Yesu Aye” which translates to “What the Lord has Done”.

“Nea Yesu Aye” is a Gospel-filled masterpiece, featuring six beautifully crafted tracks that are sure to touch the souls of believers. Each song is a testament to the power of faith and the miracles that can occur through a strong connection with the divine. The album’s tracklist includes:

1. “Nea Yesu Aye”
2. “Eden Bi De Jesus”
3. “Nhyira Ne Nkrofo) A W’awu Awurade Mu”
4. “Nhyira”
5. “Aden Nti Na Woresu”
6. “Awurade Abufuo”

Mama May’s heartfelt lyrics, captivating melodies, and powerful vocals will uplift and inspire listeners. “Nea Yesu Aye” is a musical journey that invites believers to reflect on the blessings bestowed upon them by the Lord. It encapsulates the essence of gratitude and joy in the Christian faith.

Mama May’s passion for spreading the love of God shines through in every song on this album. As she dedicates this album to all believers, she encourages everyone to download and share this beautiful gospel music with others. Let the divine melodies of “Nea Yesu Aye” fill your heart and soul, and may the love and message within the music touch the lives of many.

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