Musician Apologizes For Breaking Ladies’ Hearts

Growing up as a young guy comes with temptations and the urge to show your ‘Krachie’ power to the ladies.

For this reason, young boys and men explore every corner and change women without thinking of how they feel about it and the fact that they were hurting them.

However, when guys ‘mature’, they realise their mistakes and the fact that they did wrong in breaking the heart of some ladies they had slept with or dated and broken their heart.

One of such persons to have seen the light and regretted ‘using’ women is Bullet of Ruff and Smooth fame.

The artiste in a Facebook post mentioned that he had broken some hearts while growing up as he expected to have a perfect woman as a companion but have come to the realisation that there is nothing like a perfect woman on earth.

He described his breakups as stupidity and was as a result of his youthful age.

He posted: ” Sorry for the few girls I broke their heart.I was young and stupid.as a man I now know there is nothing like a perfect woman.we all have our flaws.pls forgive me”.

His apology to the ‘few’ ladies he had broken their hearts was met with divided opinions online as some section of his followers thought he should not have used the word ‘few’.

Bullet some time ago was in the news for dumping his Ghanaian girlfriend for a Swedish lady who reports suggest he got married to in Sweden. celebrities 266

Source: Ghanafuo.com

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