President Barack Obama Replies Ghanaian Writer Kenneth Gyamerah

The outgoing US President Barack Obama has responded to a letter written to him by a Ghanaian writer and youth activist, Kenneth Gyamerah.

Kenneth Gyamerah is a young Ghanaian writer who has steadily been sharing his thought on imminent issues and his latest letter was the one he wrote to President Barack Obama.

On Friday, January 13, 2017, Kenneth wrote a farewell letter to the US president, congratulating him for his services.

President Barack Obama who received the letter in good faith took less than 48 hours to respond to the Ghanaian writer.

The excited Kenneth who could not believe this quickly took to his Facebook to share the news with his friends and followers. Kenneth however questioned how many Ghanaian presidents would even respond to a letter from his own citizen.

This is what Obama’s said in his reply

“Thank you for writing. Serving as the president had been the great privilege of my life, and messages like yours has motivated and inspired me along the way. We should be proud of what we have achieved together.

Through trials and triumphs America has always overcome challenges and emerged stronger because we’ve come together as one people. And our progress depends on folks like you who speaks out on issues that matters to them. I look forward to standing alongside you as a private citizen, making sure our Nation lives up to our highest ideals as a beacon of hope and opportunity.

Sincerely Barack Obama.”

Source: Fredericknoamesi.com

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