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Rany Dopesongz Strikes Gold Again With ‘Sad People’ Release


Ghanaian artiste Rany Dopesongz has recently unveiled his latest track, ‘Sad People,’ further solidifying his reputation as a multi-award-winning and exceptionally versatile rising star. With previous chart-toppers like ‘Badgyal’ and ‘Sika Ye Abrantie,’ which earned him the coveted Eastside song of the year award in both 2021 and 2023, Rany Dopesongz has proven his musical prowess time and again.


As a gifted singer, Rany Dopesongz possesses a remarkable ability to adapt his vocal style to suit various genres, making him a standout talent in the music industry. ‘Sad People’ showcases his silky vocals, combined with the modern HipHop style, delivering a message about the struggles faced by ordinary Ghanaians and the failures of the political system. The song raises important questions about the prospects of a better tomorrow, resonating deeply with listeners and compelling them to reflect on the current state of affairs.


The captivating composition of ‘Sad People’ makes it an instant favorite, drawing listeners in with its thought-provoking lyrics and engaging melody. Rany Dopesongz’s ability to blend powerful storytelling with his versatile vocal cords results in an unforgettable piece that listeners will want to replay over and over again. With this latest release, Rany Dopesongz continues to impress and leave an indelible mark on the Ghanaian music scene. Check out this new song below.

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