Stop teaching your “Koobi” children slang – Yaa Pono


In most African countries, parents have the idea that their children must learn and by all means speak English in order to let their neighbors know they have given their sons and daughters the best of education.

Bangs Entertainment | www.bangsentertain.net has come across a post on Facebook by Ghanaian popular and controversial music rapper Yaa Pono sending a dirty message to all parents in Africa especially in Ghana that, parents should stop teaching their children slang if they were not born in America.

This post by Yaa Pono got some people talking as others were not happy about how he presented the issue by using the word “Koobi” and others too were also cool with him for saying the truth.

According to the rapper, Yaa Pono, parents should rather teach their children how to speak their own language than learning someone’s dialect, by doing so it will help the children know much better about their culture, also make them aware and self-confidence that they actually belong to a native country.

Below is the full post by Yaa Pono… Check it


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